[L2.NET] How to setup the bot - Noob friendly


Hello world


Hello world
Hello World!

Today I present you with a Noob Friendly tutorial on how to setup the L2.NET bot.
But that's not all, I'll also share the Product Key to unlock 100% of the bot's functionalities - including the voices.

1- Requirements:

2- Get the Server's IP:
In order to work, L2.NET needs to know the IP of the server that you're playing. Discovering the server's IP is very easy:
  • Open your L2.exe, login into your account and enter the game with any character
  • Open the Command Prompt (press windows key + R, type cmd and press enter)
  • On the Command Prompt type netstat -n and press enter
  • Look for the IP adress that ends with the port 7777
  • Exemple:

  • Write down the Server's IP (ex:

3- Installation:
  • Extract L2.NET on your desktop (or any other folder)
  • Go to your Lineage folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\NCsoft\Lineage II) and duplicate your System folder (copy and paste it) - This is just a backup, in case you want to play without the bot (for instance, to use PHX or Procress Hacker)
  • Paste L2.ini inside the System folder (Not the System - Copy) - Press yes if you're asked to replace
  • Install Slim DX, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package using their default installer that you've downloaded

4- Configuring L2.NET
There are many methods to configure L2.NET with the server's IP, but here I'll teach the easiest one I know
  • Go to the folder where you've extracted L2.NET and create a shortcut of L2Net.exe - Right click L2Net.exe and click Create Shortcut
  • Right click the shortcut, click on Properties and locate the box name Target
  • Remember the Server's IP that you wrote down? Add it on the Target textbox with the following sintax -> -i: serverip (exemple: "C:\TopHopeTutorial\L2Net.exe" -i:
  • Press Apply and OK

5- Starting the bot

  • Open the bot using the shortcut
  • Choose the chronicle that you're playing and press IG
  • Click on Listen
  • Open the L2.exe, login and choose the character, the bot is working :)

6- Unlocking FULL MODE with a Product Key
L2.NET was created as a free bot that had advanced features for premium user who donated to the project. Those features included the option to connect using proxy, changing the EnterWorld Packet and having sexy voices saying "Bot activated" :)
Since the developer abandoned the project on 2015 and released the source code, it was not hard to find the product key
  • To activate FULL MODE go to File > Setup
  • On Product Key type
  • Press Apply
  • Go to File > Save Interface to save the Product Key
  • Restart the bot

I hope you've enjoyed this EXCLUSIVE tutorial. If you'd like another tutorial on How to use the bot properly, post a reply :)