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Inside the Mind of the Machine: Why I Programm (думаю что для вас не проблема англ.)

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Надеюсь простимулировал начинающих программеров? =)

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  1. azktorin

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    I am always thinking about programming, it is becoming a way of life for me. My favorite Professor says, "Get into the mind of the machine." I'm beginning to understand what she means.
    Why did I start programming and why do I continue? It is a question I ask myself almost every day. I think there are basically 5 reasons:

    1. Knowledge is Power.
    Sir Francis Bacon said this in 1597 when he published his book, "Meditations Sacrae and Human Philosophy." It makes you a stronger person, the more one knows, the more he can control events that happen in his life.

    2. Learning is Fun
    What is more fun than the satisfaction of figuring something out? I love puzzles and programming is a big puzzle. A programmer once said to me, "Programming is tedious and fun." What else is tedious and fun at the same time? I love learning new programs, I am enjoying learning Javascript, Python, CSS and HTML. I am now learning MySQL on my own this summer and will continue my studies doing Intermediate Javascript this Fall at ACC as well as learning some other new programming languages Each one builds upon my knowledge and increases my understanding of the others.

    3. It is an Intense Study
    You must really want to learn programming, it is very hard. You must come to the conclusion once you start, that there is no turning back. You must be willing to do whatever it takes. You will have many highs and lows, you will have days when you want to quit and days when you think that you are finally getting it, only to think the next day that you are not. It is similar to Golf in that way, you have great days and days where you do awful. You think about it constantly when you are in school, you have long days and then you dream about it at night, Artificial Intelligence dreams where you are downloading code in different languages. You see all the patterns in the programs, you start thinking and writing in code inadvertently while doing other things besides programming. You try very hard to think like a machine when coding, extremely logically. It is the hardest thing I have ever done and I have a knack for picking difficult careers.

    4. You can build small programs within a few months
    With Python, you can build programs right away because the syntax is not difficult. I've built Python games in an afternoon. In Javascript, you can also build programs within a few months, such as a Website or a Form Processing Program.

    5. Everything Becomes a Problem to be Solved
    Your logic and problem solving skills will improve. I think about how everything can be broken into parts and solved piece by piece from installing Linux to participating on the Mozilla Developer Network.
    If you are thinking about programming, try it! "Nothing in life is to be feared only understood. Marie Curie said, "Now is the time to learn more, so that we may fear less."

    Happy programming!
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